TFON Email Service Shutdown Plan

Do you need more time making this transition? I have great news. I have a solution that will give you more time.

The shutdown plan.

Phase 1.

I will keep the server running until Monday, February 4, 2019. This will give you a little more time to complete your checklist.

  • Get a NEW email address [Mandatory]
  • Collect and organize your contacts [optional]
  • Notify your contacts [optional]
  • Update your subscriptions [as they apply to you] [optional]
  • Update your institutions and memberships [as they apply to you]
  • Reply to emails sent to your TFON account via NEW email account [as necessary]

Phase 2.

This next phase will help some of you who may be stressed about missing important emails once the server is no longer working.

On February 4, I will begin the shutdown sequence by disabling the sending mechanism (known as SMTP). However, the RECEIVING service will remain ON until February 28, 2019 (POP and IMAP).

This will allow those who did not receive your change of address to still come through.

When you get an important email addressed to your TFON account, you can notify them by sending them a reply from your NEW or ALTERNATE account.

Phase 3.

On February 28, the entire TFON email system will be put to rest.

Emails arriving to any TFON recipient will be rejected. The sending party will receive a notification that the email was undeliverable. Hopefully, this will prompt them to contact you by a different method. They will need to either send you a letter or call you on the phone. (Sometimes they will have to resort to talking with you in person!)

So, What’s next?

If you haven’t logged on to the online training I made just for you, go here to register free:

Although it states that you have to pay $100, please use the coupon code “free” to sign up for free.

If you ALREADY signed up and need to go back at any time go here: