Setup - Email Accessing the Spam Folder - Outlook Express/Outlook 2000

You can set your Outlook Express program to check your spam folder. However if you do not want to download all of the spam, you can go to and log into web mail with your username and password and access your spam folder there. (See instructions above.)

To setup outlook express to download your spam messages:

  1. click on tools
  2. then accounts
  3. click on the mail tab
  4. click on add
  5. then mail.
  6. It will ask for your name then click next
  7. Your email address then click next
  8. Your mail server names. Both are then click next
  9. Then your username and password. For your username you want to type in , and your normal password. then click next.
  10. After creating the account, select the new account and click on the properties button on the right.
  11. Click on the Servers tab
  12. Verify that the account name is If it is continue on, otherwise click cancel and check the properties of the other account listed.
  13. Put a check mark in the box at the bottom that says, "my server requires authentication."
  14. Click on the General tab
  15. In the "Mail Account" section at the top, rename from to Spam Folder.
  16. Click on the OK button at the bottom.
  17. Click on the Close button on the right.

When you setup this account all the spam will, by default, go into your inbox. To solve this problem you can create a new folder called spam and create a mail rule that tells Outlook Express to send all spam messages to the spam folder.

To do this:

  1. In your Folders List, right click on Local Folders
  2. Left click on New Folder. Name this folder Spam.
  3. Next click on Tools, Message rules, and Mail.
  4. When the message rules box comes up you want to click on New
  5. In box #1, put a check mark in "Where the message is from the specified account."
  6. In the box #2, put a check mark in 'Move to the specified folder'.
  7. In box #3, click on "Where message is from the specified account".
  8. Choose the new spam account you created and click the OK button.
  9. In box #3, click on "Move it to the specified folder"
  10. Choose the spam folder and click the OK button
  11. In box #4, rename from "New Mail Rule #...." to "Spam Folder" then click the OK button at the bottom.
  12. Click the OK button at the bottom again and you are now done!