Setup - Email Accessing Spam Folder - Outlook 2002/2003

(Outlook 2000, is configured the same way as Outlook Express.)

1. go to Tools
2. Email accounts, next
3. Add new email account, next
4. POP3 Server, next
5. Name,
6. email address -( for example)
7. POP3/SMTP setup as usual - in this case for both.
8. Username - ( for example)
9. Your normal password for your email for the password
10. Click on: More Settings
11. Change Mail Account name to Spam
12. Click tab: Outgoing Server
13. Check
14. Box: My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
15. Select: Use same settings as my incoming mail server
16. Click
17. Click OK, then Next and click Finish.

Configure Spam Folder to work in Outlook 2002/2003

18. Right-click on Personal Folders and select New Folder.
19. Name the folder, "Spam."
20. Click OK
21. Click Tools
22. Rules and Alerts
23. New Rule
24. Select: Start creating a rule from a template.
25. Move Message from someone to a folder
26. Drop to the bottom of the box and
27. Click: specified
28. Select: Spam folder and click OK
29. Click: Next
30. Check: 1st and 4th boxes
31. Go to the bottom box, step 2, and
32. Click: specified
33. Click: Drop-down arrow and
34. Select: Spam

Click OK and you're done. Any email sent to your spam filter will now be accessible in Outlook 2002, 2003.